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Explore your thoughts and emotions in a healthy, safe way, then express them in order to get clarity.


In this space:

  • Any adult can do this! 

  • It's step by step, follow each guided prompt. That simple!

  • Gets to the root of irritations by expressing pent-up emotions through your paintbrush. The end result = you get clarity and take action.

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Thoughts ~ Intentions ~ Emotions
Need Training

ABOUT ME: As a Mental Health Coach my training is in Counseling & Rehabilitation with an Art Therapy Certification. Working in foster care, private counseling, and in Art Therapy has helped me understand the wide range of suffering people go through. My passion is helping you navigate the struggle WHILE pursuing your vision, goals and dreams. I've witnessed countless people not have proper emotional support in their close relationships. Even with loving family around you, it's vital that you learn how to strengthen yourself. Therefore, I help you identify healthy, difficult, and destructive behaviors and what to do about it. I'm an advocate for appropriate anger and brilliant communication towards passivity and passive aggression. 
Unresolved issues do not magically get better they worsen over time.  It's my job to help you "attend" to everything that bothers you. You will gain clarity in all life categories, and learn how to communicate "how you will show up" in each relationship. You will explore YOU: what do you like, don't like, your passions, gifts, talents, insight.   I take you on an assessment journey which is the greatest quest on earth. Our world has become comfortable with minimizing and denying emotional abuse. I show people how to detach from the many shades of it, be healed then become the healer around them using your relationship with God - because it's unique! You are Uniquely Expressive.

YOU are the only one who can speak up regarding what bothers you. There is a common trait in my clients, I call it Super Traits: they are highly attuned to other people which typically means they lack boundaries. Life is all about relationships: connection with honor. I'm here to help you go after what is in your heart! Better to light one small candle than to curse the darkness.  -Shelly

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